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Backup and Business Continuity Solutions

Fire, earthquake, theft – continuity planning is mandatory for your business. Your operations depend upon continuous access to business critical data and systems. Without a recovery plan you risk lost revenue and customer ire in the face of disaster.

Fouche will help you plan for disaster before it strikes-letting you recover as quickly as possible. Such peace of mind translates directly to the bottom line.  Our focus is more on your business avoiding a disaster versus what do if one occurs.  Disasters, either man-made or natural will eventually strike your business.  Our goal is to help you successful avoid them putting you out of business.

Plan for disaster

  • Have a disaster avoidance strategy in place
  • Create diaster plans and aid in consulting on your entire business continuity strategy
  • Ensure you can RECOVER when a disaster strikes
  • Create a data backup strategy with offsite locations and automatic backups
  • Prepare business continuity procedures including secondary locations and backup phone systems

Recover quickly

  • Avoid confusion with off-the-shelf procedures
  • Rely on redundant network, server, and phone capabilities
  • Ensure Business Continuity by virtualizing critical systems with backup systems on and offsite so you are back up and running in minutes – not hours or days

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