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Springfield IT Articles

It’s Crucial! Get Updating to Fix the Holes in Your Systems!

Have you ever wondered how hackers get through your systems? It’s all because of holes that exist in your systems and you must apply updates to fix these holes. When They Happen Microsoft updates happen every Tuesday and, if configured properly, your computer will install them for you. The average person won’t restart their computer…

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Infographic: 4 Tips for Improving Your Android Experience

So you’ve just purchased an Android phone? Or maybe you’re looking to improve your experience on an existing Android phone? There is a plethora of options you can change and apps you can add to improve your Android experience! Let’s go over 4 simple things you can do to speed up your phone and get…

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Infographic: 4 Vital Signs it’s Time to Update the Technology Within Your Business!

Running a small business is tough. You’re probably not making much profit, and to make even those slim profits you have to squeeze the absolute most out of your resources. It’s easy to see why small business owners don’t want to fork over hundreds of dollars for new computers, smartphones, and tablets when what they…

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Want To Save Money On Your Next Vacation: Turn To The Internet For Help.

More than Just a Trend: Airbnb Offers Better Service and Lower Cost Compared to Traditional Lodging Vacations are expensive. A lot of families will try to save money by finding the cheapest motel they can find, but this isn’t always the most valuable option. Sure, you’ll save some money, but the cheapest motels are cheap…

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China Hacks into US Federal Weather Network: How Can YOU Avoid a Similar Fate?

The latest in a series of hacks was directed at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). This federal organization, which oversees the National Weather Service, was infiltrated in late September, but the NOAA did not inform officials or the public about the breach until nearly a month later on October 20th. In October, the…

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